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Since 2004 Evolve Creative has worked with over 130 clients from all over the world. Our team has the right combination of brains and creativity to make your brand stand out.

Evolve Creative is a full-service creative agency focused on delivering strategic website and branding solutions.

What makes Evolve Creative different? We focus on your business goals first, not the design. Who are you trying to sell to, what are their interests, what's your mission, who are your competitors, what's your plan to be an industry leader? We will give you a strategic marketing plan to make sure what we design has a purpose. The designs and website we develop will target the right audience and you will be able to measure the results of your investment. 


Leadership Team

 Sarah Hokuf   Creative Director

Sarah Hokuf

Creative Director

 Mychal Waldorf   Graphic Designer & PM

Mychal Waldorf

Graphic Designer & PM

 Dan Moe  Lead Developer

Dan Moe

Lead Developer

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Customer Testimonials

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