Is your website “responsive”?

Responsive Websites in Bemidji

If you haven't updated your website for a few years, then it's probably not mobile-friendly. When you view a standard website on your smart phone then the entire website is shrunk small and tries to fit the width of your screen. You have to click on a tiny word in the menu to link to a page. In a Responsive website layout, there is a mobile-menu and columns start to stack so they can be enlarged and readable. It's make for a more user-friendly navigation experience.

Now that Google has recognized that the user experience is so much nicer on a responsive site or one that might have a separate "mobile" site, it puts more attention on those that have made their website mobile-friendly. Others might now be penalized and bumped below that "newer" website. Of course the Google Algorithm is constantly changing but Evolve Creative tries to stay on top of the latest SEO tips and teach what we learn. We have also teamed with another company that is an expert in this arena to make sure our clients are educated and have the best site they can.