SEO Tips

10 helpful tips to make your new or existing website a success.

1. Email

Send your family, friends and business colleagues an email letting them know you’ve updated your site and would appreciate any input. 

2. Social Media: Part One 

At a minimum, set up accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Local Page. After you’re setup, post an announcement with a screenshot of your new website and a link encouraging people who see the post to “click the link and check it out.” 

3. More Social Media: Part Two 

Depending on your industry and how much content you can come up with on a daily basis, you should consider Twitter — and if you have lots of pictures or video — Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. 

4. Claim New Business Listings 

Take a few minutes to fill out the required information on these free listings: Manta, Yellowpages and Yelp. 

5. Testimonials 

Add a new testimonial to your site every month or two. Your current customers are your best link to a new customer

6. Local Newspaper 

Submit a press release announcing you have a new website. 

7. Blogging 

Post some news, a useful tip or an interesting picture about something related to your industry. Once a week is a good goal, but even if it’s only once a month it will help your website grow. 

8. Continually Refine SEO 

If you add new services or if other topics are becoming more popular in your industry, be sure to add those keywords into your page titles, headlines and copy.

9. Backlinks 

Ask other reputable website owners to post a link from their website to yours. 

10. Add Website to Your Email Signature 

Be sure your website URL is in your email signature

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