Website Deposit

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Website Deposit



Website Deposit

We request a 50 percent deposit on all STUDIO E websites before we begin work on your project.

After payment is received, we will contact you (usually via email) requesting logos, images, pictures, copy -- everything we'll need to create your new website as discussed during our initial consultation.

After we have received the requested items from you, we will get to work on your new site. Depending on the package you purchased, you can expect a turnaround time of:

  • The Landing Page package -- 3 days
  • The Migration package -- 5 to 7  days
  • The Fresh Start package -- 7 to 10 days

After your new website has been built, we will contact you to get an approval or an itemized list of changes/corrections. If changes/corrections have been requested -- we will make them -- and contact you again for final approval.

After approval, we will contact you for final payment (the balance) and help you set up payment for your monthly web hosting.

Once final payment has been made and your web hosting is set up, we will launch your site! Congratulations ... you now have a beautiful new website. 

The final step: Contact us to set up your included 1-hour training session so you can make any future edits or changes on your own.